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JSE invites all members to join and play together in large public halls in major cities in Japan every few years.

8th Hiroshima Convention (Joint Performance)

Record of National Convention

No. Date Hall
11th October 10, 2011 Chiba Prefecture Cultural Center main Hall
10th September 23, 2009 Tokyo Katsushika Symphony Hills Mozart Hall
9th October 5, 2008 Yokosuka Arts Theatre in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Pref.
8th June 3, 2007 Aster Plaza in Hiroshima
7th October 8, 2006 Sapporo Shimin Bunka Kaikan
6th September 11, 2005 Green Hall, Chofu, Tokyo
5th September 26, 2004 Utsunomiya Cultural Center, Tochigi Prefecture
4th September 28, 2003 Kanagawa Music Hall, Yokohama
3rd October 13, 2002 Shimin Bunka Kaikan Tendo, Yamagata Prefecture
2nd May 27, 2001 Tokyo Suginami Public Hall
1st June 4, 2000 Nishiarai Cultural Hall, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

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