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After retirement from business and kids grown up and going out of home, you have vast free time to pass away.
If you have once played any music instrument or you just started to do so, why don't you play together with others in ensemble?
You will enjoy the harmony and varied expression which you cannot experience from playing alone.
And more, you will make new friends and meet new challenges to perform on the stage, in front of large audience to share your joy.
After all, playing music, good or bad, will be your privilege for the rest you your life !


Honorary Chairman Emeritus A.Serizawa Largo SE
Board Chairman T.Okamura Ushiku SE
Vice-Chairman S.Takahashi Adachi SE
Director K.Iida Ensemble Pony Katsushika
Director M.Suzuki Utsumomiya SE
Director K.Sano Duke Green Sound
Director M.Tsutsumi Ensemble Seagull Yokohama
Director R.Shimizu Ensemble Through The Yokosuka
Director Y.Takahaghi Funabashi SE
Director M.Kawano Chiba SE
Director K.Tsukioka Narashino SE
Auditor Y.Sohma
Senior Adviser S.Murakami Adachi Senior Ensemble
Adviser M.Marubayashi
Adviser K.Amago



Organization Representative Correspondent / Website
Adachi SE S.Takahashi S.Ito
Ensemble Pony Katsushika K.Iida S.Uehara
Ensemble Seagull Yokohama T.Amada E.Takiyama
Toyonaka SE H.Kamiyama
Utsunomiya SE M.Suzuki T.Yamagishi
Abiko SE N.Makino M.Seki
Ensemble Through The Yokosuka R.Shimizu T.Saito
Duke Green Sound K.Sano Sakiyama
Chiba SE M.Kawao A.Terashima
Funabashi SE Y.Takahagi Y.Ishii
Tokyo comode chamber ensemble T.Seo T.Seo
Ichikawa SE M.Shibata M.Arai
Ichihara SE M.Matsunaga T.Matsunaga
Yotsukaido SE S.Sasaki M.Ikeda
SE Asunaro A.Kanbayashi A.Kanbayashi
Narashino SE K.Tsukioka Koyama
Toride SE T.Miyazaki T.Miyazaki
Tsukuba SE T.Okamura Sakaguchi
Largo SE T.Toda T.Toda
Narita SE K.Kato H.Teramachi
Togane SE T.Ansai
Tiara E Koutou K.Yokohama
Azeria E in Senior H.Tsugawa
Ushiku SE T.Okamura


3.Record of National Convention

No. Date Hall
13th October 4, 2015 Tiara Koutou Hall
12th September 29, 2013 Tochigi Prefectural Cultural Center Main Hall
11th October 10, 2011 Chiba Prefecture Cultural Center main Hall
10th September 23, 2009 Tokyo Katsushika Symphony Hills Mozart Hall
9th October 5, 2008 Yokosuka Arts Theatre in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Pref.
8th June 3, 2007 Aster Plaza in Hiroshima
7th October 8, 2006 Sapporo Shimin Bunka Kaikan
6th September 11, 2005 Green Hall, Chofu, Tokyo
5th September 26, 2004 Utsunomiya Cultural Center, Tochigi Prefecture
4th September 28, 2003 Kanagawa Music Hall, Yokohama
3rd October 13, 2002 Shimin Bunka Kaikan Tendo, Yamagata Prefecture
2nd May 27, 2001 Tokyo Suginami Public Hall
1st June 4, 2000 Nishiarai Cultural Hall, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

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