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The Japan Senior Ensembles Association (JSE), a non-profit organization officially registered, was founded in 1998 in Tokyo, Japan. It gives support to senior citizens who play instruments in orchestra across the country, thus encouraging them to be positive, objective and creative for the healthy and mentally rich lifestyle.
JSE promotes senior citizens' lifetime enhancement of music talents and expression under the slogan, "Enjoy Youth Now!". Not only nationwide, it intends to go cross- border stretching its tie with international senior citizens who love music.

(1) Lectures, training, workshops and joint concerts for the members.
(2) International cultural exchange.

・1998 April1, inaugurated : the 1st president Shinobu Murakami.
・1998 June 7, held "The 1st Silver Ensemble Festival" at the Nishiarai Cultural Hall.


Senior Adviser S.Murakami Adachi Senior Ensemble
Senior Adviser K.Amago Toyonaka SE
Chairman Emeritus A.Serizawa Kitanomori SE
Board Chairman T.Okamura Ichikawa SE
Vice-Chairman M.Suzuki Utsunomiya SE
Vice-Chairman S.Takahashi Adachi SE
Vice-Chairman M.Haghiwara Narashino SE
Director K.Sano Duke Green Sound
Director M.Tsutsumi Ensemble Seagull Yokohama
Director K.Anakura Funabashi SE
Director M.Kawano Funabashi SE
Auditor S.Uehara Ensemble Pony Katsushika
Auditor R.Shimizu Ensemble Through The Yokosuka

Adachi SE S.Takahashi 03-3585-2436 itosyu@sea.plala.or.jp
Ensemble Pony Katsushika S.Uehara 03-3601-0571 crtks@nifty.com
Ensemble Seagull Yokohama M.Tsutsumi 042-773-4691 ensembleseagullyokohama
Toyonaka SE H.Kamiyama 06-6834-0367
Utsunomiya SE M.Suzuki 0286-50-6033 toku-y@road.ocn.ne.jp
Reed Friend Marine H.Omino 03-3925-6440
Abiko SE N.Makino 0471-39-5873
Ensemble Through The Yokosuka R.Shimizu 046-851-2768 tutti64@mb.infoweb.ne.jp
Duke Green Sound K.Sano 03-3565-1155 y-saki@msd.biglobe.ne.jp
Chiba SE M.Kawao
Funabashi SE Y.Takahagi 047-463-7965 yoshirotakahagi@hotmail.com
Tokyo comode chamber ensemble T.Seo 047-403-0530 sp7f4wx9@chorus.ocn.ne.jp
Ichikawa SE T.Okamura 047-188-3322
Ichihara SE M.Matsunaga 090-9146-0504 matsunaga@icntv.ne.jp
Yotsukaido SE S.Sasaki 043-421-3547
SE Asunaro A.Kanbayashi 0471-85-0019 kamba@jcom.home.ne.jp
Narashino SE K.Tsukioka 047-493-3788
Toride SE T.Miyazaki 0297‐78‐8185
Tsukuba SE T.Okamura 0471-88‐3322
Kitanomori SE A.Serizawa 0424-87-6403 honcho@jcom.home.ne.jp
Oamishirasato SE Y.Yoshida igalus@hb.tp1.jp

《In no particular order, honorifics omitted》
M.Marubayashi Associate Professor, Japan Women's University
Hoshi Co,LTD.
K.Sano Duke Green Sound
S.takahashi Adachi SE

Secretary-General S.Takahashi (Acting)
Tel & Fax 03-3585-2436
Mail Address info@npo-jse.org

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