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September 29 2013 The 12th National Convention in Utsunomiya

Report of the 12th National Convention in Utsunomiya

The 12th Japan Senior Ensembles Assosiation national convention was held in Tochigi Prefectural Cultural Center September 29, 2013.
"Call Mates Toshitorazu" female chorus of supporting cast 100 and 230 participant member organizations, a total of 330 people.
We were taking a huge cheer from the audience, which detonated the young power under the banner "Youth! lively Now is" in, filled the hall of 1,600 seats.


"Hana wa saku" joint performance of the finale, photo Motoji Suzuki vice president of tournament Chairman of the Executive Committee and all consecutively Tokinobu Okamura ability President of greeting.

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