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April 7, 2013 (Sun)  Yotsukaido Senior Ensemble "Clover"
Yotsukaido Community center "Afternoon Concert"

Held "Afternoon Concert" April 7(Sun) at 14:00 , and ended with a good reputation.
The team after the birth, this concert is a voluntary concert for the first time after a set period of two and a half years.
Scheduled for November last year postponed by happening, We were greeted today.
However, it is attack of storm from the previous day that the wrong time.
The rain stopped in the morning on the day, but the winds have continued to blow.
The audience how many people able to come, it is the start of preparation in anxiety really.
……Excerpt from YotsukaidoSE blog……Followed byThis

HOME > Concert > YotsukaidoSE Report